Registered Massage Therapy in the heart of downtown KelownaRegistered Massage Therapy in the heart of downtown KelownaRegistered Massage Therapy in the heart of downtown KelownaRegistered Massage Therapy in the heart of downtown Kelowna

Nissa Cochran RMT

Nissa’s passion lies in empowering her patients to re-establish their health and wellness within the Kelowna community. Nissa has a deep understanding that every persons wellness journey is unique and will guide her patients through the unfolding their system is asking for. Nissa incorporates NKT(level 3), myofascial release, joint mobilizations, hydrotherapy, trigger point release, deep tissue massage and Swedish massage techniques. 

Within our space Nissa will be:

 Intuiting, imaging, listening to your body and attending its calling.

Releasing, activating, reawakening your original patterns of wholeness. 
Talking about the moments you are going to take to re-establish your wholeness away from the clinic.


Patient Testimonials

Jolene S.

An amazing intuitive practitioner! I have been receiving treatment from Nissa for awhile now and I have never felt better! Chronic problems are being resolved to my amazement and immense relief. She is a gifted healer. Excellent deep tissue work!

Treana H.

My husband and I have been going to see Nissa for the past couple of months. We both agree she is one of the best massages we have ever had. I have had ongoing health issues that she has helped alleviate and gives great home care exercises. She is extremely knowledgeable and clearly pationate about what she does. 

Jeff. H

I've been treated by Nissa multiple times and she is very skilled at assessing the problem, figuring out why the problem is there and not just providing symptomatic relief. She has great hands on skills and her treatments are very effective.

Adam R.

Nissa has been exceptional in her performance as a registered massage therapist in getting my body moving better and alleviating much of my pain. Thank-you so much!

Sharon F.

Nissa I have been seeing now for a couple of months. My injured shoulder that was giving me pain & range of motion was near to nothing.......I no longer have pain & I can lift my arm up & around. She is so personable, skilled & genuine. She is amazing! She also encourages great self care exercises.

Michele M.

I have a surgical scar from abdominal surgery that has impacted my core strength and posture for over 30 years. I experienced significant improvement and healing from only one treatment, which is a miracle. High recommendation for this practitioner!

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