NeuroKinetic Therapy

The Missing Link

NeuroKinetic Therapy(NKT) is an assessment and treatment modality created by Dr. David Weinstock that is now being taught and utilized around the world. NKT is a very specific approach to treating pain and dysfunctions through out the body. During the assessment, the practitioner is using muscle testing to unravel faulty movement patterns that were created and stored in the motor control center of the brain(cerebellum). Due to these faulty movement patterns, the patient can present with pain, fatigue, muscle imbalances, postural dysfunctions, nerve impingements ie. Using many different massage modalities the practitioner will re-train the motor control center of the brain to recreate the original movement pattern and eradicate the symptoms the patient is feeling. After the treatment, the practitioner will give each patient very specific home care to continue recreating the original movement pattern and creating a long term habit that is stored within the brain.